Monday, January 22, 2007

Mother's Day in January

This week is my Mother's birthday. What a perfect opportunity for an outing, and what better outing for a birthday for Mom, than High Tea at the Palm Court in the Drake Hotel?
My first time here was a little over a month ago with someone I formerly worked with. Every year we do a Christmas celebration/dinner/night out and this is what we chose this year.

So by the time I arrived this past weekend with my Mom and sister, I was of course a natural. It's extremely fancy, and you feel like you should arrive in nothing other than a horse and carriage...but we took the L, and made it there just fine.

I made darn sure to phone ahead weeks ago to make reservations, as last time we did not have one, and were lucky to get a seat so last minute. Not this Sunday, at 1:00. Yes, the Bears game had captured the attention of 90% of us in the city, and the other 10% of us were well, eh hemm, at the Drake for tea. The meal was wonderful, and we had some great conversation and laughs while the extremely rich, but delicious food. The harpist even played Happy Birthday for my mom, and the waiter brought a plate of nice chocolates and tarts, with Happy Birthday scrolled on the edge. The hotel even made sure there was a tv pulled into the room so people could keep track of the score at the game, of course it was turned down.

I would recommend this outing to everyone for a wonderful, indulgent experience. You really don't even need an excuse to go. We quite enjoyed ourselves, right down to the text messages from my dad cheering for the Bears.

Just be sure to make reservations...unless it's football season.

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Phil~Janet~Evie~Andrew said...

How sweet Abe! It looks like you made your Mom's birthday very special. We had to come straight home from my husband's birthday dinner to watch Peyton Manning. Crazy football fans!