Monday, July 25, 2011

Long but not forgotten

Where do I even begin? It's been so long since I've put a "pen" to "paper" that I am shocked I even remember how to type. Thanks to Facebook, texting, and emailing for keeping me on my toes with typing skills. I will start with work since that seems to consume a large portion of my life. Last October, I was promoted as manager of Origin at Macy's. It was a huge promotion so I jumped at the offer and landed it. Now I am on a team with 4 others and it's my job to train them to be the best and at meeting our daily, weekly, and monthly sales goals. It's very difficult but I am always up for a challenge. Last month I had the opportunity to meet Jane Lauder, who is the global president of Origins, and Estee Lauder's granddaughter. Being an Estee Lauder company means even more of a challenge for me because everything has to be done to the utmost perfection. Last year we made half a million dollars and this year we hope to be at $600,000. Since we are one of the top stores in the country, sales volume wise, we are on constant show with our vendor partners. I have made some great friends at work, too. Please know that I love you guys. You can make me laugh until I'm crying!!! Now you know that's a friend for life.

My partner, Joe, and I will celebrate 2 years together late next month. They have been some of the happiest 2 years of my life. I can't even begin to say why, but if you have someone to share your love with, you know just what I mean. He and I have made a number of life decisions together, such as quitting drinking alcohol. On that note, it's so nice to get up and not be hungover! On THAT note, I am up every morning by 5:30 to walk the dog. Our favorite thing to do is eat out. We adore trying new places, of which there are so many to choose from, it often takes longer to pick out where we want to go than it takes to eat dinner. One has become an absolute favorite, however, and that is Hello Thai on Devon. It's a delightful little sushi place and we find ourselves there a few nights a week when we are tired from work and have no energy to cook. Ahhh, cooking. Another thing we both adore. Nothing is more satisfying than making a meal from scratch and then sitting down together to enjoy it.

Yes, the dog. Early this spring we went to the Anti Cruelty Society because we decided we wanted a dog. We picked out a chihuahua- dachsund mix. Her name is Pearl. After she was spayed she acquired a major infection and had to go back to the vet for (gasp) a month! She is utterly fine now an has been a delight for us. She is learning sign language and English and is quite the smarty pants!

Now the time has come to bid goodbye. Since I have caught you up on life since my last posting over a year ago, I promise the next ones won't be quite so dry, and probably rather funny.

Cheers, everybody.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A nice Mom's Day Weekend

We were being good boys and went to church!

Yesterday, I took the Metra train out to the burbs to see my mom and dad AND to cash in a gift certificate for a dep tissue massage that my has been burning a hole in my pocket for almost a year. WOW was that a nice hour of my life. I can still feel it today. She worked all of those knots out of my shoulders and everything. After that my mom took me out to lunch at a Chinese restaurant which was delicous. We hung out at mom and dad's for a few hours and then I hopped a 4:00 Metra back to the city. When I got home dinner was already for me. This morning, I woke up and had a marvelous idea. Disco night at Berlin is next Sunday. My birthday is the following Thursday. Perfect! Berlin is my favorite nightclub in all the city. Why? Because everyone goes there just to dance and have loads of fun. Gays, straights, transgenders, crossdressers, EVERYONE. And everyone gets along just great. It's like the Studio 54 of Chicago in the 2000's. They have a Madonna night, a Prince night, all sorts of themes. And there is rarely any cover. The dance floor is full of mirrors, and platforms, and tons of lights. Love, love, love that place. Halloween is also a great time to go there, as I have for years and years.

So I emailed all my friends who may be interested in joining me about my marvelous idea.

After we had breakfast this morning, we went to Church (gasp!). It's the first time I had been to church in probably over a year, but the service was so nice. Then we took the Broadway bus back uptown to Broadway Cellars, which is a fantastic brunch place in our neighborhood. After that heavy brunch, Joe said we are having salad or soup for dinner, which I totally agree with because I am STILL full, and we ate over 5 hours ago.

I am off again tomorrow, so who knows what the day will have in store for us. Since it's been so eventful up until now, who knows what tomorrow may bring?

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all of the moms out there!



Monday, May 3, 2010

For christ sakes


Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Subway Cars!!

So I FINALLY got to ride one of the new subway trains today!! On the Red Line to 95th street, I excitedly got on to go to work. The seats are all along the car, leaving a lot more room for standing passengers. This is known as "New York Style" subway seating. There are also straps to hold onto all along the aisle. No more holding onto the back of someone's seat with the risk of having their hair tickle the back of your hand. If you have ever been on a crowded subway during rush hour, you will be thanking the CTA. Having your face smashed up against the window and not being able to hold on is no fun whatsoever.

Additionally, for our out of town guests not familiar with the spider-web like subway system in Chicago, there is a light up map which tells you the next stop coming up. Amazing!! Also, the chime telling you the door is closing is no longer the old fashioned, "Dannng dannng." It's now a lovely little chime, along with a flashing light above the door. And you can't even hear the doors close like the old cars would rattle shut.

The new cars run on AC power now, which, apparently makes for a much smoother ride, and start/stop. And it sure did!! No more jerking and bumping as the train flies through the subway tunnel.

If the lights go off on the train for some reason (which they often do for no reason), or in an emergency, there are glow strips on the floor to light your way.

And lastly, the panels on the front of the car telling you it's destination are an LED-type light up, rather than the old-fashioned back-lit sign panel.

Kudos, CTA, kudos!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

I don't want to be senile

Yesterday at work, I clocked out for lunch. I was starving, so I rushed to the elevator to get upstairs to the break room. Waiting to get on were three ladies: one walking, and one pushing a lady in a wheelchair. She looked like a sweet old lady, probably around 80 years old. She would change my mind very fast.

The doors opened, and she yelled, "Get me moving!"
The lady just smiled at me and pushed.
When the elevator started moving, she screamed, "Get your damn hands off of me!" It was so loud, I jumped. The lady pushing just smiled, but didn't respond.
"I said, get your damn hands off of me, and get me out of this god damned store! Shit, I told you I want to go home!" she squauked like an old crow.
Then she reached around and started slapping the lady's wrists who was pushing her. I never saw an old lady be able to move so freely! And the lady pushing was still smiling.

Then the door opened on 4 and they got off, with the poor old lady cursing, and swearing, and screaming at the top of her voice all the way out.

And it really got me thinking: I never want to be senile (really, who does?). I'm ok with getting old and grey, but I just don't want to go insane! People will stare, people will smirk, and for all of the wrong reasons. I felt bad that this lady was dragged out of the house and so unhappy with the way her day was going. I'm sure it's good for her to get out, but, Christ, take the poor lady home!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Chicago has the 2nd Longest Commute in the Country...

And this is why....PEOPLE AND TRAFFIC EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring is around the corner

The warm weather is upon us, and with that comes planning for the upcoming year. This Halloween will be my first time with a partner, and we have been trying to figure out options for costumes (even though Halloween is 7 months away).

Abe's thoughts:
-Lucy and Ricky
-Ike and Tina Turner
Joe's thoughts:
-Abe as "Carrie"
And that's IT. We are out of ideas, so I need some from YOU! For example, who should be Ike and who should be Tina? Please, and thank you.