Sunday, May 9, 2010

A nice Mom's Day Weekend

We were being good boys and went to church!

Yesterday, I took the Metra train out to the burbs to see my mom and dad AND to cash in a gift certificate for a dep tissue massage that my has been burning a hole in my pocket for almost a year. WOW was that a nice hour of my life. I can still feel it today. She worked all of those knots out of my shoulders and everything. After that my mom took me out to lunch at a Chinese restaurant which was delicous. We hung out at mom and dad's for a few hours and then I hopped a 4:00 Metra back to the city. When I got home dinner was already for me. This morning, I woke up and had a marvelous idea. Disco night at Berlin is next Sunday. My birthday is the following Thursday. Perfect! Berlin is my favorite nightclub in all the city. Why? Because everyone goes there just to dance and have loads of fun. Gays, straights, transgenders, crossdressers, EVERYONE. And everyone gets along just great. It's like the Studio 54 of Chicago in the 2000's. They have a Madonna night, a Prince night, all sorts of themes. And there is rarely any cover. The dance floor is full of mirrors, and platforms, and tons of lights. Love, love, love that place. Halloween is also a great time to go there, as I have for years and years.

So I emailed all my friends who may be interested in joining me about my marvelous idea.

After we had breakfast this morning, we went to Church (gasp!). It's the first time I had been to church in probably over a year, but the service was so nice. Then we took the Broadway bus back uptown to Broadway Cellars, which is a fantastic brunch place in our neighborhood. After that heavy brunch, Joe said we are having salad or soup for dinner, which I totally agree with because I am STILL full, and we ate over 5 hours ago.

I am off again tomorrow, so who knows what the day will have in store for us. Since it's been so eventful up until now, who knows what tomorrow may bring?

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all of the moms out there!