Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Subway Cars!!

So I FINALLY got to ride one of the new subway trains today!! On the Red Line to 95th street, I excitedly got on to go to work. The seats are all along the car, leaving a lot more room for standing passengers. This is known as "New York Style" subway seating. There are also straps to hold onto all along the aisle. No more holding onto the back of someone's seat with the risk of having their hair tickle the back of your hand. If you have ever been on a crowded subway during rush hour, you will be thanking the CTA. Having your face smashed up against the window and not being able to hold on is no fun whatsoever.

Additionally, for our out of town guests not familiar with the spider-web like subway system in Chicago, there is a light up map which tells you the next stop coming up. Amazing!! Also, the chime telling you the door is closing is no longer the old fashioned, "Dannng dannng." It's now a lovely little chime, along with a flashing light above the door. And you can't even hear the doors close like the old cars would rattle shut.

The new cars run on AC power now, which, apparently makes for a much smoother ride, and start/stop. And it sure did!! No more jerking and bumping as the train flies through the subway tunnel.

If the lights go off on the train for some reason (which they often do for no reason), or in an emergency, there are glow strips on the floor to light your way.

And lastly, the panels on the front of the car telling you it's destination are an LED-type light up, rather than the old-fashioned back-lit sign panel.

Kudos, CTA, kudos!!!


Baran said...

Let's see how long will it take for the ghetto to ruin them. Of course it wouldn't be fair to add ShitTA's perfect management and maintenance skills too. I am betting on 2-3 months before the urine smell, broken/lost handlers and partially working, missing or burned out leds with the complimentary of a blasting announcement.

Jen said...

Good one, Abe! Too bad the "meow meow" doors closing sound is getting phased out :(

Abe said...

Meow, meow

Subway Gal said...

OMG it's beautiful! I'm sooo jealous. Right now, I think less than half of NYC subways are new and prettier and the rest are still shitty . . .