Friday, November 28, 2008

The Preacher

Since discovering the Youtube video the other day of the crazy lady dancing on the CTA, I've been all about searching out other crazy subway people, as captured on video. I found this one of a preacher lady who I have seen several times, myself, but probably have not encountered in over a year. I always see her in the morning. She's just an unassuming lady carrying a Bible (if that can be considered unassuming!). When you least expect it she gets up and begins to walk down the aisles of the train. She's got some guts, since the train is packed to the gills in the morning rush. Then she begins singing. What she sings is not really a hymn. No, she is reading from the Bible and giving it a sing-song quality that could sound very creepy if there weren't a bunch of other people around. There are always one or two people that act very rudely towards her, tell her to shut up, et cetera. She pays them no mind, except she sings something to them that goes something like this, "I am doin' my job. You are going to your job. Please do not pass judgement on me, I am bringing the word of the Lord into your lives, huh! I am telling you the word of Jesus, huh. He says to have a blessed dayyyyy, huh." Something like that. Anyway, enjoy this video someone caught of her. The quality is pretty poor, but you get the picture! I think her name should be Evelyn.


Red from Ktown said...

Stuff like that creeps me out. Believe what you believe, but keep it in your personal space, not mine.

Subway Gal said...

Definitely an Evelyn. People like this really piss me off because when I'm on the subway, I am reading. And if you are singing at me, or preaching to me, you are distracting me from reading. And what's worse is if you go around asking for money after your "performance," as if I should be thanking you for disturbing my reading! Sorry . . . . I just needed to that off my chest.

Abe said...

Agreed, Red and Subway Gal. Personal space also includes aural space!!