Sunday, December 7, 2008

Guilty Pleasures

Sometimes, I think it's funny and therapeutic to go through all of my guilty (and some not-so-guilty) pleasures. Feel free to add any of your crazy ones, as well!

1.) Gigantic Umbrellas
2.) Tomato-Rice Soup
3.) Disco
4.) Elevator music (think Love Boat style)
5.) Getting into gross conversations (usually about poo, or throw up)
6.) Getting G-force on the subway (doesn't happen too often - usually on the Red line at that curve by Clark/Division, on the Blue line going through Logan Square, and on the Brown line south of Sedgwick)
7.) When you catch someone admiring you
8.) P.A. systems or microphones
9.) Dancing around my living room by myself
10.) Cranking music and singing in the shower
11.) Getting drunk and doing house cleaning listening to the Pointer Sisters or Chaka Khan


Subway Gal said...

Love songs, gummy candy and junior mints. And singing and dancing along, in front of my mirror, to songs on the radio

Emily said...

Walking around the house in shorts with the window slightly cracked and the heat on full blast and People magazine.

Mark Thuneman said...

ABE! Its Mark.

Im so happy I still have your blog bookmarked and Im so happy you started writting again. Looks like im a few months late, but I'll catch up. Keep it up this time. If not for anything else, for my sake. I wish I had the patience to keep a blog. I tried a few years ago on livejournal, but I got bored with it ... check it out if you want username: Milomilobaby

Anyways, in regards to your list..... you dont have to tell me about gross conversations, they run in my family ;-)

Red from Ktown said...

Great blog. I resurrected an old myspace blog in response on my own site if you want to check it out. But I'll give ya a preview.... Treehouses, on-the-bed-jumping, Count chocula, 70's sitcoms.....I am definitely with you on 'dancing in the house', etc. Fun blog.