Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Happy Medium

Can I just tell you how much television I've been watching lately? Yes, it's true. If you know me, you also know that I watch NO tv whatsoever. News in the morning, and that's about it. What's happening on American Idol? Couldn't tell you. What's happening on the Hills, House M.D., or Scrubs? Couldn't tell you. It's because I really hate cable. To me, cable just encourages laziness, and a dependence on pop culture television, which is something I can do without. Plus, I'm sorry, but $90 a month for Comcast is not at all worth it to me for what I would get. I've thought of it a number of times. But each time I get to the Comcast website, I've already talked myself out of it.

For Christmas, my mom and dad gave me a check to buy digital antennas for the year-old tv in my living room, and my 30 year-old tv in my bedroom (yes, it still works great!). So I went to Best Buy and asked about these contraptions. For only $50 each, I could look forward to several more channels that I currently get, as well as some "extras" as the salesman called it. What the hell? I bought two of the antennas. I couldn't figure out how these things were supposed to work. They were flat and white, a little smaller than a record album, and had a cable sticking out to hook to the back of the television. "Oooooooo-k," I thought. Time to give it a shot. And I was AWESTRUCK at how many more channels I could get. And clearly! I get so many channels now! I usually just watch a bunch of movies, but now I have the option to watch more television than ever before! More than just Fox and one other local channel like I got before. Let me tell you, with this cold I've been doing nothing else but enjoying my "cable". It's still not enough to make me want to sign up for a service, but it sure has been nice! PBS? Yes! They are always travelling all over the world on these journeys, and I could definitely get used to "Check, Please" where a panel of residents review tons of restaurants in Chicago.

So, if you are stubborn like me, and refuse to get cable, I feel that you should check out the digital antenna. It's a happy medium, and a good compromise for some halfway decent television!

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Red from Ktown said... just have to buy a converter box because those 2 - 50 dollar antennae won't work without them in about 1 week....boy it sucks to be in the 'new ages'... Good luck!