Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Plug for Local Markets

I just went grocery shopping at the best market of all time: Devon Market. If you have not been to this marvel on the border of Edgewater/Rogers Park, I would highly suggest giving it a shot. I have been a proud patron for nearly 2 years, and have happily left my Dominick's roots behind in the process. I don't care if you live in Bridgeport, it's worth it (although I'm sure you have your share of local markets as well!).

There are several important reasons for this heartfelt plug for Devon Market.

First of all, the produce section is fantastic. I go buy some of the freshest fruits and vegetables that I have ever found this side of California, and not for the premium that you often find them at the chain stores. Cucumbers 4 for a dollar? Bananas for 19 cents a pound? Yes, please. I stock up at least three times a week.

Second of all, the wine selection is excellent for the type of establishment that this is. I think of myself as a budding wine connoisseur, and I can always pick out a decent one from the selection.

The third greatest thing about Devon Market would have to be the deli. I LOVE cheese, and the types one could find behind the glass here are seemingly endless. The meat is great also; I could buy any part of a pig, an octopus, or goat, should I so desire.

Devon Market also has tons of imported chocolate and other packaged foods and, while one could spend an hour in the aisle trying to decipher the other languages on the packaging, I always manage to treat myself to something delicious.

The final good reason to visit Devon Market that I will mention is the vast range of people who shop there. I might hear 5 different languages being spoken behind me while I decide what kind of feta cheese I want this week. There are whole families, old people, young people. Hey, once I swear I even saw Chaka Khan in the canned foods. I started to hum "Tell Me Something Good" as I passed her, and she didn't even look up...she is very humble, I understand.

So make Devon Market part of your regular shopping experience if you can manage it. But be careful, once you try it once, you will be hooked for life.

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Red from Ktown said...

Sounds like a gem of a place (those are the kind to keep to yourself, thus for fear of being infiltrated by outsiders killing the mood of the place). Nice to see another cheese lover - and you're not even from WISCONSIN like me?!