Friday, November 14, 2008

CTA Fares Going Up!

And I'm totally ok with that promise. For a monthly pass, I currently pay $75 for unlimited rides/transfers/etc. on all CTA buses and subways/el trains. That is a bargain in and of itself! I don't own a car, so it's quite a savings not to have insurance, gas, and repair expenses every month.

Now that same unlimited monthly pass is going up to...get ready...$86 a month. Huh? I don't even consider that a significant increase! I'm ecstatic over it! People are bitching about it nonetheless. You can never keep some people happy, that's all. Now single rides are going up to $2 for the bus, and $2.25 for the subway. I think we can stomach another 25 cents, people! Especially since there hasn't been a fare increase since 2006, and that one wasn't significant, either. The truth is, you can still get anywhere in the City for a measly $2.25 and that's a hell of a deal.

The only other benefit to having the fare increase is that MAYBE, just MAYBE it will cut down on all the tourists and crazies in my walking path on, say, Michigan Avenue. I really highly doubt it, but one can hope, right? Maybe prevent scenes like this from happening:

Actually, I lied. Tourism is a huge contributor to our City's economy, and I wouldn't want to give that up for the world! I love sharing with others who don't live here. But can we at least put them through some basic training on how to walk down the street in a straight line, how to read a map, and how to use a transit card machine?


Subway Gal said...

When NYC subway fares go up, I'm the very first person to complain, and I will tell you why - the fares go up, but we see no improvements to the dirty subway stations and even grosser and cramped subway cars. I just don't think the MTA can justify increasing fare when they give us nothing in return, ya know what I mean?

Red from Ktown said...

That increase is next to nothing and could've been so much worse.....I have been working my way up to using the El more often, but it seems like a steal. I think I still prefer my good ol' Asics hitting the pavement though.

Abe said...

Yes, I always walk when I can, but I live about 50 blocks from work, and that would be a helluva walk! Biking down the lakefront to work is always a good option as well.

Dr Phyl said...

I can't always be Mary fuckin' Poppins people

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thanks abe