Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Royal Egging

I swear people are desparate and crazy right now. This is the second time our building has fallen victim to an idiot in the neighborhood in just a few months. I've lived in this building in Rogers Park for almost 4 years, and never had any troubles until this fall. First, our basement storage units were burglarized in September. Then, as my neighbor alerted me tonight, my bedroom window was violated with an egg last week! I hadn't noticed anything out of the ordinary until she pointed out the dripping egg on my window. I sleep behind this glass, people! What's the deal, and how come I didn't wake up? Unless of course I was out at the time. It's very possible.

Upon an initial take, it seems like a normal window on a normal apartment house on a normal street on the north side of Chicago:

But upon closer inspection, one notices the oozing, dripping, embryotic consistency of an egg which was hurled at my bedroom window:

It all goes along with my theory that people are crazy. Not only is the economy bad and people are out of work, desparate, and out of their element. But also, the city's crime rate has gone up a significant amount in the past year after being on a downward spin for several years.

I don't think anyone meant for this to be my window. No one has any beef with me, and I can say that with 100% confidence. It was a random act. But next time, can't they choose someone else's window? Food for thought, people, food for thought.

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Red from Ktown said...

Or food for window.....It's a sad sight to see!