Thursday, November 6, 2008


The City was absolutely electric this past Tuesday night, election night. While I didn't have a ticket to the Obama Rally itself, I nonetheless rushed across the Loop after work to hang out in Grant Park and see what could be seen. The overall feeling from the crowd was nothing short of amazing. With the early November temperarure unseasonably in the mid-60s, I found a perch on the steps of the Art Institute and perused the passing crowds, soaking up the positive aura being cast towards me.

It's beyond my understanding how nearly a whole City can come together mentally and physically on the beliefs and promises of one individual. Sure, we have scores of festivals in Chicago all summer long which also bring the City together. But the feeling on Election night was different. It was warm. It was hopeful. It was supportive. And it was emotional. Above all, it was peaceful. Only a few small incidents affected the crowd of nearly a million people. We can't even escape with a record like that on the 4th of July fireworks, where people were shot this past year!

All in all, the sense of pride that was in the air that night, not only as an American, but also as a Chicagoan, was incomprehensible. I'm proud to be a citizen of this fantastically, unbelieveably, beautiful and unique City. I'm also excited and hopeful that the President Elect, which this City can claim, will lead our country onward and upward. A
nd I'm proud to be a part of making this history.

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Subway Gal said...

Same here! I've never seen so many parts of the country, and world, come together to celebrate like that. Except for New Years Eve.