Monday, November 3, 2008

Wild Halloween

There's no doubt that Chicago is an insane, lawless, wild City on Halloween. If you don't think you've seen it all in day-to-day living, Halloween is definitely quite a show. This year, since it was conveniently on a Friday, it was even crazier. Halloween is definitely one of my favorite holidays, if not for my own costume, for seeing everyone else's. As you can tell (above), I did not put very much thought into my own this year. Anything for the people watching! The parade on Halsted Street is like Carnival, Chicago style. This year, I saw Jesus carrying a cross, lots of Tina Turners, Grace Jones, a scary 10' tall clown on stilts, a metal detector at the airport, Lucy and Ricky, Powder (very creepy), and, of course, many many many Sarah Palin costumes. I had no idea she had so many look alikes! Half of the ones I saw were men. I wish I could have snapped a picture of every single costume that passed by me; there were sure some doozies I saw throughout the (very) late night. The best ones were on the subway around 3AM all gathered in one spot. I need to try and take better pictures next year. It seemed that every time a great costume entered my periphery, I suddenly seemed to forget about my camera. Nonetheless, here are some shots:

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Anonymous said...

Who would have ever though Sade had such a long tongue! I guess her golden years made her decide to just forget about using hair relaxers to straighten her ever famous long mane.