Friday, December 19, 2008

CTA Holiday Train!

Yesterday afternoon, I witnessed one of my absolute favorite things about the holiday season. Call me the biggest nerd ever, but the CTA Holiday Train is what I'm talking about! The Brown line goes right past the window of my office, so I had all of my associates on high alert, because they know how much I love this train. And late yesterday afternoon is when I got the call. I almost peed my pants when I went to the conference room and watched it pass. The sad part is I've never gotten to ride it because it seems like it's always going the opposite way that I happen to be traveling.

However, just seeing the subway cars all lit up with lights and flashing bulbs, and even a flat-bed car with Santa and his sleigh seriously brightens up my day. There are employees dressed as elves in every car handing out candy, shouting, "Merry Christmas!" It almost feels like you are in a theme park, or department store display. I'm like a little kid, it seems, but everyone gets a little dreamy-eyed around the holidays. At least I think so.

Additionally, it seems like every year, there's a contingent of people who complain in the newspapers about how this Holiday train is an awful waste of money by an already cash-strapped agency, blah, blah, blah. What scrooges. What buzz-kills! What wet blankets they are. I would argue that the one thing people really need right now is some holiday cheer, and I think this is the best solution. Come on, it's not that much of a drain on the CTA's pocketbook. I'll be the first to admit, it's been awfully hard to get into the Christmas spirit this year with the economy being shit, and everyone being in crisis mode. This is just a small gesture to get everyone, especially myself, in good spirits! Keep it up!


Emily said...

So I can definitely see your excitement of this holiday train. Do they play Christmas music while you ride it? I don't ride the train but this could make me start.

Subway Gal said...

WHAT?!?!? I can't believe your transportation company goes through all this trouble to do something so nice for the holidays! New York's MTA doesn't make ANY effort . . . at all!! I'm so jealous! I want to ride on the holiday train :(

Red from Ktown said...

Hey, at this time in the economy & bad state of the US, it takes little things like this awesome train to make everyone's day a little smilier...I didn't even know they did that! How awesome!! I am jealous you get to see it. How long does it run? I'll keep my eyes open for next year.

Tip....who CARES where it goes...If you get the chance, RIDE it anyway and see a part of the city you normally don't see on your 'routine' home!!