Friday, January 2, 2009

If I were made of money

When we were little, we always heard our parents say, "What am I, made of money?!" At least that was the question posed in my family when we would beg our parents to buy something frivolous for us. "Money doesn't grow on trees," they would assure us. Today I'm glad they brought me up this way, as they instilled in me a fairly frugal attitude, which has paid off in many ways. No pun intended there.

The other day I was having coffee with a friend, and we began talking about what we would do if we had millions of dollars to throw around. To make it totally fair, and self-serving, we couldn't say things like "donate millions of dollars to children in Africa" and "give money to all of the homeless people on the streets of Chicago." We could only come up with things meant to satisfy our selfishness. Kind of mean, but also kind of fun. These are the things that I came up with:

1.) A downtown penthouse in Streeterville, River North, or the South addition to the place I already own in Rogers Park (I love it so!)
2.) A Manhattan apartment (preferably in Hell's Kitchen, or the UWS)
3.) A San Francisco apartment in North Beach
4.) I would travel all over the place. Top destinations would be Africa, Turkey, Greece, and India
5.) I would open up a nightclub in Chicago that would be a huge hit.
6.) I would have my hardwood floors redone/releveled/refinished, etc.
7.) I would have floor-to-ceiling book cases installed in my second bedroom (the fancy kind with cabinets on the bottom)
8.) I would give plane tickets to my family and close friends to go anywhere they wanted on a vacation.
9.) I would gather up about 5-8 close friends and we would all take a huge, wild, crazy vacation together.
10.) I would host a large, decadent, dinner party at a club for maybe 30 of my closest friends and family.

So those are the top things I came up with (why are these lists always 10? OCD? Perhaps.). What sorts of things would you do?


Mandy said...

Is #8 really a selfish thing? :)

Mark Thuneman said...

you mean a huge vacation for 5-8 of your closest friends, AND mark thuneman.

I would put myself through film school, cause then I'd have the money to finance a movie.

Amber said...

I would wear a brand new pair of socks every single day!