Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ohh...the moustache

Does anyone else think that moustaches should be banned? And why did this trend hit full force in 2008? It seemed like everyone was donning them. Teenage hipsters with their peach fuzz ones were the worst. I mean, honestly, I think there's a better way to show that you are a "man" when you are a teenager than by watering your upper lip with Miracle Grow and sporting a little fur.

In all seriousness, though, the worst part is when food gets caught in a moustache. Disgusting! Didn't anyone teach you how to eat? Plus you have to groom it (unless you are the guy in the picture above). I know how much extra time it takes me to shave every other day, I couldn't imagine grooming a ball of hair on my lip. Not that I could even grow a full moustache, and if I did, it would be very fine and very blond such that it wouldn't even look like a moustache at all.

My father has a moustache, and has for many years. It looks alright on him, I suppose. I guess this is a case where it's acceptable, but there's a fine line between acceptable and getting with the times. I bet you it would shave 20 years off (no pun intended here) if you would just shave it off. And you can always grow it back if you decide you don't like it. But I almost guarantee that you will like it.

What says you?


Subway Gal said...

WHEW! I thought that may have been a pic of you until you said you couldn't grow a stache! ;) I mean, I'm all for the redheads, and I actually have a thing for them, but that stache was gross!

Anyway, I know what you mean about the recent trend in mustaches - I've even read a few articles about it. I believe that guys like Clooney and Pitt are to blame. Personally, I'm not a big fan. I prefer some sexy stubble to a hairy mustache!

Subway Gal said...

Abe said...

I'm so glad I cleared up any misunderstandings....if I looked like that, I would certainly not be posting my picture up here ;)
And yes, Subway Gal, I blame the celebrities as well!

Mark Thuneman said...

... or how about the guys that grow long ones and then twist it on the ends so it comes to point... or even spiral it. Believe me, I didn't think it was done since the 1700's, but I see then all the time at work.

T.M.B said...

Hey that guy in the pic happens to be the coolest history teacher in the world. So how bout u give him a brake if u actually met him an seen his personality u would know that it fits him.

Red from Ktown said...

I know, right?? A great guy at work had a mustache and when he sported it, he looked exactly like Albert Einstein only with shorter hair. Seriously!! I didn't realize it until I saw a pic of A.E. Recently, he has shaved it off, and is now actually handsome!! It really did knock about 10 years off of him! Bravo!