Sunday, February 1, 2009

Saturday Outing

Yesterday I had a wonderful outing in the afternoon to the Museum of Contemporary Art. "Who cares?" you may say. "I have a membership and go there ALL the time." Well good for you. It's a wonderful museum. I think the thing I like the best, besides the art installations of course, is the fact that you can make it though the entire museum in about 2 1/2 hours or so. That's it. Everything. It's not like the Art Institute where you are there ALL afternoon, and you only saw about 1/8 of the entire collection, if you ran everywhere.

The exhibits at the MCA are also fantastic. Some of them can be semi-disturbing, but come on! This is CONTEMPORARY art. In this CONTEMPORARY society we are naughty, raunchy, off-base, and crude. So that's what we see.

Not only did we see all 4 floors in just a couple of hours, but the large windows in the common (non-exhibition) spaces offer sweeping and amazing views of the skyline and the lake. If you haven't caught on yet, we Chicagoans refer to Lake Michigan as "the lake." It's the only one, there is no other, and don't try to correct us. You might have to be severely punished.

The other perk (I know I get excited about the littlest things) is that they have FREE coat check. Yes, free. Aren't you tired of going to nightclubs and restaurants and paying $5 for them to hang your coat up? And then you have to tip them on top of that? I definitely am. So this was pretty nice, because I didn't want to lug that thing around the entire museum.

Friends, if you live here, please try and make it to the MCA soon. I am always reminded that I need to go there more often. Even for First Fridays which is a social event they host the first Friday of the month, which is really more like a huge nightclub. And if you don't live here? Well, I guess you're out of luck, but that means you should definitely have this place on your list of places to visit when you do come to Chicago. In fact, I'll even take you there myself!


Anonymous said...

Hmm. I'm gonna hold you to that. Taking me there, I mean. Last time I went was long ago. I don't even remember who it was with.

Anonymous said...

Sounds quite fun to pass just 3 hours in a museum and be happy enough to have finished the whole cultural trip and have seen everything!

This is real contemporary, to go, get it and leave it, and all of it like a fast food...

.....quickly quickly!!

But also being a contemporary place where you should wait and see things and elaborate your thoughts to make a good idea of what the author meant and what was his message I think that it should turn to a better relaxed-oriented way of viewing and living contemporary art, to make a stop to this general running, and give to it more room to a relaxed passage, made of thoughts and stimulation that will be permanently written in our minds and souls.

Anyway, when I get my ass over there we make it to this museum and we will spend more than just 3 hours there... ok???

ciao ciao bello :D

(hope you got who am I... if not I leave you with a big WAM!!!)

ciao ciao!

Sarah said...

i hope you tipped the coat check person. i'm just saying. sometimes i have to run the coat check, and it is NOT FUN. well, it's sort of fun, if you're me and esau is there, but you don't make any money.

Red from Ktown said...

Love the coat check! One of the reasons my visits to the city are less during days where I have to wear a coat, is because of that VERY reason. I HATE lugging around a coat! Nice tip, and YES, I would tip the person for having such a service...but it's nice to know I don't have to give them the whole 5 bucks....