Sunday, May 24, 2009

Things that make me crazy

There are certain things in my life that make me absolutely crazy. Things that could drive me wild and turn me into a rabid fool, and I doubt you'd want to see that:

People being late
Oh my God this is the worst. Mainly because I'm always the one who's on time, and usually a little early. But half an hour late to meet for a drink? Come on! An hour late to come to the beach while I sit on a blanket by myself for an hour? Good God (you know who you are, haha!). I also hate when someone tells you they will be at your house to pick you up at a certain time, and then they are 45 minutes late. That's rediculous! I would say 10 minutes is acceptable in any case.

Don't you hate when you have to fill out an online account for something that you don't use very often, and you forget the password? Oye that drives me crazy! Trying to remember your user name, asking it to send you a new password via email. There are honestly some sites that I use so rarely that I have them send me a new password everytime I log on. Dumb.

Licking/wild Dogs
These small dogs can usually be found in the home with a long probing tongue and crap in the corner of their eyes. And their tongue normally finds whatever I'm eating, bothers my feet, jumps all over me, or barks incessantly at the other dog across the yard. My mom and dad's dog is so wild, she pulled me on the floor when I was putting on her coller. She's always smelling your crotch or sniffing your pantleg. Her nose is always sniffing on you and it's so strong! Ugh. I think I hate animals.

Country music
'Nuff said

People who try to tell me what I know
This friend of my dad's always tries to act smart and tell me things about my field of work. He's not even in my line of work! Then I try to argue with him and just get frustrated thinking he's an idiot. He's one of those people who just thinks everyone is their friend, and tries to shake my hand when he sees me (like he's my best friend). How about a hug buddy?

People who walk slowly/don't move to the right
I get insane sometimes. Like the other night after I went to a 6th grade play, we were starving and were going to run to the bathroom before getting a bite to eat. The line was long and only about as narrow as I am, but it was moving. The guy ahead of me kept stopping and talking to people going the other way. Smart ass comments too. Come on there are people behind you! And some of them may or may not have to go pee! This applies on the street as well. MOVE OVER!

People who don't pick up and go at at a stop sign or light

I think this is mostly the difference between city drivers and suburb drivers. Get up and go, the light is green! You've been waiting at the stop sign for 20 minutes, no one is coming! It's a good thing I really drive because I would have crazy road rage at times like these. My sister does and it makes me want to lay on the horn, even bump them a little bit. Couldn't hurt.

So these are the things that make me so crazy I could just spit! Or spit in the face of humanity, I'm not sure which. Why don't you share some things that you absolutely loathe?


Subway Gal said...

People being late and people being slow are two of my biggest pet peeves! I'm always on time, usually early, and NO ONE ELSE IS! It drives me nuts. And I just have no patience for slow pokes, which is why I mow them down as I walk past them on the street every day ;)

Jenn Sutherland said...

I absolutely share your issues with the walkers - especially downtown in the summertime. Tourists need an orientation about how to move in the city when they check into their hotels!

And ditto on the drivers who are slow to get moving after a stop. I'm a biker, and I end up hollering a lot, *begging* drivers to wake up and get on with it!!