Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Sorry I've been M.I.A. lately! I've been on vacation for a week in Michigan with my friends. We had such a great time, although the drive almost killed me! It was 8 hours from Chicago with a car that was packed to the gills.

In Michigan the weather was fairly chilly; only in the 50s until the last day when it was almost 60. Wish I had come prepared! We got tons of exercise from walking up the dunes (largest fresh water dunes in the world!), which is extremely difficult because the sand keeps falling away from under your feet. We also biked for several hours, and the sandy soil mixed with a bike almost made me have a heart attack!

Sleeping was wonderful there. It rained a few nights, and that always makes for good sleeping too.

I also came to an exciting conclusion while in Michigan. I'm going to move back to the city! I'm extremely excited, and am going to look for jobs this weekend. I'm pretty hopeful, but we will see. Keep your fingers crossed! I can't stay at my parents house doing nothing for one more day! I've applied to several ebay listings including some at some little clothing boutiques which I'm kind of jazzed about. I'm verey interested in fashion if you didn't know it! I didn't think I was ready to work, but this vacation really proved to me that I am.

So that's why I'm super excited to head down to the city tommorow. To find work!

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Subway Gal said...

Good luck and keep us updated!! :)