Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy Pride to All!

Well tomorrow is the Gay Pride Parade in Chicago. It's the event many look forward to for months, aside from Market Days in August. Market Days is a lot more fun in my opinion, as it's more like a festival rather than a parade. But I digress. The Pride Parade brings together people of all nationalities, lifestyles, and creeds. Kids, adults and grandparents. I must say that bringing kids probably isn't the smartest idea when you have half naked men dancing on a float humping each other. I wouldn't want my 5-year old seeing that. Would you?

Pride is also fun because you meet tons of people from all over the world who have come to Chicago to see this fabulous event. New York, London, Sao Paulo, Los Angeles, Seattle, Paris. I'm just naming a few of the places from which I have met people in years past. It's a fantastically delicious time, because I love people from other areas, neighborhoods, towns, cities, et cetera. I can't even describe it.

And it's pure craziness on Halsted Street in the middle of Boystown. The clubs have their windows open on the street with people yelling out, people are on balconies overlooking the street, there's loud music everywhere, glitter all over the street, streamers falling from the sky. It's just so wildly crazy and exciting.

I would love to get to New York to see their Pride show. I bet it's a crazy time as well. San Francisco would also be a riot. And believe it or not, I also have heard that Milwaukee has a fun Pride celebration. I know. It seems ridiculous, since Milwaukee is kind of teeny tiny compared to Chicago. But maybe I'll get up there sometime. Milwaukee always "tries" to be like Chicago. But once again, I digress. So everyone here in the city, please try and make it to the Gay Pride Parade. I promise you it will be a time to remember, gay or straight.

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