Monday, June 29, 2009


I guess this is a little late since it happened last week, but I'm still in shock about the King of Pop's death. It just seems too hard to believe, doesn't it? And I love how Farrah Fawcet got her coverage in the morning, but Michael Jackson was plastered all over the news by evening. And he still is!

Friday they played tons of MJ on the radio and I was nearly in tears because there is so much love for him all over the world. It's really a shame that kids and babies nowadays may not know him as well as I did and others my own age. I mean remember Thriller? It came out the year of my birth (1982), but we would always listen to it when I was little. I have the LP from my parents. I also used to scare my sisters with the Thriller song where Vincent Price laughs. They would get so freaked out.

Off the Wall was also a great record. Off the Wall, Don't Stop til You Get Enough, and Rock with You are the best songs, but they are all really good. And I love disco. He was such a fabulous dancer and he was such an icon that we will all certainly miss him.

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