Saturday, July 11, 2009

Strange people on the Subway

A crazy

Yesterday I encountered some very interesting characters on the train.

One lady had a really long pinky nail which was dirty underneath it. She asked me for a cigarette, and when I told her I didn't smoke, she started crying! I mean just sobbing! So bizarre, so strange.

Another guy (he looked homeless to me because his shoes were all full of holes) kept asking me and other people for a bus transfer. The CTA hasn't given transfer cards for YEARS. Is he completely out of it?! He asked every single person who got on the bus "Got a transfer?" "Got a transfer?" Of course no one had one.

Yesterday morning when I took the #22 Clark bus from my friend's place, there was this huge lady sitting across from me. It definitely smelled like poo on the bus...I mean like diarrhea poo. When she got up to get off the bus there was a brown wet stain all down the back of her sweatpants. SICK, I thought. Then I started laughing SO hard I couldn't stop. It was really nasty. What was she thinking? Clean yourself up lady!

Finally, someone got on the train and began singing Michael Jackson's "PYT (Pretty Young Thing) which is a wonderful song, and this guy had a wonderful voice. That was a delightful ending to my day with all the crazies!


Subway Gal said...

Oh my gosh that's so scary! That would definitely deter me from EVER taking the bus again!

Subway Gal said... - Lucky you!!