Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Smoker's Choice

The other day I bummed a cigarette from a friend, and it felt oh so good! I couldn't believe how great the smoke felt in my lungs.
I quit smoking in April...I mean cold turkey quit. It felt great too...I could smell better, taste better. I didn't have the flavor of tobacco in my mouth. It was very sexy to give something up that was so addictive. And I didn't even use gum or the patch! I did it all on my own.

But the other day when I had that first cigarette in the morning, after coffee, it just felt so right. It was enjoyable, delightful, and fantastic.

But I cannot start smoking again. I won't start smoking again. I don't want lung cancer or a heart attack at 30! On top of that cigarettes are $9-10 a pack which is just outrageous. I can't afford that on an unemployment salary!

Smoking makes you feel sexy, it makes you feel hot, and it makes you feel cool. But getting bad skin is not something that I want.
I don't want a cigarette voice either. My voice is already a little raspy and so is my laugh. That's probably from smoking for over 10 years! Since I was 15. Yep, we used to smoke on the school bus. We had an old ass bus driver who either couldn't smell, or didn't care. We would just ash out the window and it was so sweet. They sold them to we high schoolers at a little corner market where we used to catch the bus. They also sold beer to some of the older guys. This was before I drank.

So quit smoking! It's not attractive, it's not sexy and your breath will taste like shit. Remember this.

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