Monday, July 6, 2009

My New Toy

Look at that beautiful graphic design! I never knew they
would spend so much time on making a computer look sexy!

Have a look at my new toy! It's a beautiful little laptop computer. Yesterday I went to go online and found that the screen was entirely black. I restarted and nothing. Restarted again and nothing. So I carted the damn thing to Best Buy to have them look at it. The guy got it to boot up and show my desktop, but he said it probably had some kind of virus. "Ugh," I thought. Just what I need. I told him that I had the McAfee viris scan, but he said sometimes the viruses still get through, and I can't deal with that. He mentioned that they could be stealing credit card information. Sounds depressing, right? So I walked over to have a look at what was for sale. Most of the computers are $700-1000 and I definitely can't afford that on an unemployment salary. Then I saw it. This beautifully designed Toshiba for $300! I couldn't believe my eyes. I asked about it, how it runs, how fast is it, does it have much storage space. I really only need to get on the internet, check my email, and use Microsoft word to play around with my resume and cover letter. It seemed like just what I needed. So I bought it. It was such a great deal because it comes with Microsoft Office ($150) and 2 years of Norton Anti Virus ($70/yr.) So already I'm pretty close to the $300 that the computer cost and I couldn't refuse. $18/month and 1 year no interest. What a fantastically beautiful deal I got!

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