Sunday, July 5, 2009


Today I got on the subway after buying a new computer. I was already cranky for having to spend the money on it, even though I needed it and mine crapped the bed this morning. I was also cranky from how hot and sunny it was and I forgot my nice fancy Prada sunglasses :(
So I got onto the train and immediately I could feel that the air conditioning wasn't working. For crying outloud get these damn trains working correctly!
Then I heard it. A crying, screaming, SHREIKING baby. It was so freaking loud and with it being hot as hell on the train, I couldn't handle it anymore. So I got up to go to a different car and 4 other people followed me. The stupid lady who was the baby's mother gave us a dirty look! How can parents let their kids get this way? I would be embarrased as hell and get off the train. Seriously!


Janet L said...

It is so very obvious you are not a parent. If you were cranky, think about how cranky that baby was feeling too. The mama didn't have the baby in a movie theater or restaurant, but on a subway because she had to be somewhere, so cut her some slack.

Subway Gal said...

I agree. I understand that babies are babies and they cry, but control your kid in cramped, public spaces, or get the hell off the train. Besides, I know that when I'm a mom, the last place I'll want to take my baby is on a train - hellooooooooooo germs! And I don't want people giving me nasty looks!

steve said...

thanks for stealing my picture without crediting the source,