Tuesday, January 26, 2010

CTA woes...again

Wah, wah, wah. CTA service is being cut on a ton of bus routes. The postings on the subway do not confirm by how much, but there are at least 80 routes on which service is being cut. By how much? We apparently won't find out until February 7 when the cuts are scheduled to take place. As if the busses aren't packed enough as they currently run every 10 minutes or so, if they are running in more like 15-20 minute intervals, this makes me a heck of a lot less confident I will be able to fit my slim body onto the bus to get out or get home. And, of course, all of my northside routes are set to be cut: the 22, 36, 147, 151, and 155 will all be cut. At least they are not cutting the subway routes. Thank god for that. I can get to work like normal, but if I want to go anywhere on the north side (by which I normally take the bus) I will be waiting longer in the cold than I ever have before.
And, yes, it is darn cold these days of January. I may have to invest in some hand warmers, or, better yet, some of the elusive battery-operated heated clothing like I have seen numerous signs for on the subway. Are these things really true, or are they a joke? Who knows?

Time will tell.



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