Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What changes in the last year

The last year has seen so many changes in my life that I can't even begin to summarize them. The economy, and life in general have thrown so many bones my way, but, as always I have lived through it all, and lived to tell the story. Let's see, where do I begin?

-March 2009 - I lost my job of 5 years (laid off)

-March 2009 - I came out to my parents and immediate family

-May-July 2009 - I spent most of the summer looking for jobs in my field with NO luck whatsoever

-July 2009 - I began seeing a pshychologist and a psychiatrist

-July 2009 - I worked for one day at a Chicago Public School and then got screwed on pay

-August 2009 - I stopped seeing said pshychologist and psychiatrist because it was way over the top

-August 2009 - I met my fabulous boyfriend, Joe, and spent tons of time with him getting to know him

-August 2009 - I worked part time at a call center until late nights

-September 2009 - I worked for a scam artist for 2 weeks and never got paid (but got good excercise cold calling all around the city)

-October 2009 - I began working full time at Macy's Watertower Place in the Men's department

-October 2009 - My fabulous boyfriend, Joe, moved in with me

- November 2009 - I finally became more comfortable being "me" around my family

-December 2009 - I was promoted at Macy's as a cosmetics counter manager

-March-December 2009 - I totally settled down. No more going out drinking (ok maybe like once a month), no more dinners out night after night, no more meeting boys at the bars. I'm too old for this stuff now!! I'm happy, I'm healthy, I can afford to live in this pricey-ass city. And that's really all I can ask for in this day and age.

In summary, I never, ever, would have seen myself working in cosmetics at a department store, or working for scam artists, or working at a school. But we do what we can to survive these tough times. We live through it, and we keep moving forward. This past year has been so difficult for everyone, and I'd be very interested to hear what changes have taken place in everyone elses life.

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