Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lazy Customer Assistant

Running to catch the subway I hear the automated PA calling, "Customer assistant is needed on the outbound platform." I turned to look at the customer assistant booth and the lady is just sitting there staring off into space. Again, the PA called, "Customer assistant is needed on the outbound platform." She sat there. So I went over and knocked on the window and said that someone needs help downstairs. "I'm off the clock," she said. Baffled, I just looked at her. If you are off the clock, then why are you in the booth? And even if you are off the clock, can you not run downstairs and see what the matter is? Apparently not. Apparently $25/hr. is not enough pay to make you do your job whether on or off the clock. Golly, I wish I made $25 and hour. I'd make damn sure I did it right.

So I go downstairs, because my nosey self wants to see what the problem is. Down there was sitting a handicapped girl in a wheelchair with her hand on the assistance button to press it again. How she got down all those stairs to catch the subway is beyond me. But she needs someone to put the ramp up for her to get onto the train. The ramp is locked up in a metal case. And I don't have the key. Not knowing what to do, I walked over and said that apparently there is no one working, but I'd be happy to help her. I couldn't understand what she said, but when the train came, I pushed her over and helped her onto the subway. I was scared to death I would hurt her, but she was fine. Now, let's hope that when she gets to where she is going that the customer service assistant will assist and God forbid will be on the clock.


Anonymous said...

I really like when people are expressing their opinion and thought. So I like the way you are writing

Subway Gal said...

You're so good, Abe! Yesterday, I picked up an earring that a girl dropped on the stairs going into the subway and the biotch didn't even thank me!

Anonymous said...

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