Saturday, March 13, 2010


Mayor Daley is single-handedly killing this city that we all know and love: Chicago.

Supposedly, property taxes are going up, as is sales tax. While our sales tax is already the highest in the nation at 10.25%, you are telling me it is going up, yet again? The city has already lost a ton of revenue, as many of the city's conventions historically held at McCormick Place have been lost to places such as Las Vegas, and other cities in the south. Why? Because the taxes in the city are rediculously high. Chicago relies on tourism. It's probably our biggest source of revenue, and has been for years and years. So why increase taxes to force conventions to go elsewhere? God only knows.

Additionally, property taxes are supposedly going up as well. So you are telling me that my already high mortgage and cost of living is getting thrown deeper into the ditch by increasing my property taxes? Rental units are going up, as well. In the grand scheme of things, Chicago has a very high cost of living. When compared with New York City and San Francisco, it seems reasonably low, but when compared with other, smaller cities such as Atlanta, Seattle, and Philadelphia, it is awfully high.

The mayor is forcing us city dwellers out to the suburbs, and if he is not careful, all that will be left is an empty shell that was once (and still is, thank God) a vibrant and alive city that we all know and love.

Turning the knife in my back yet again, I saw on the subway last night that CTA subway and bus fares are being proposed to go up yet again. Two years ago the unlimited monthly pass increased from $75 to $86. Still not so bad. But this year there is a proposal on the books to raise the monthly pass up to $120. You have got to be kidding me. In these tough economic times, you are raising fares for the second time in two years? I understand that the CTA is in the hole with regard to budgeting, but you also recently cut service on a number of bus routes. In the grand scheme of things, a monthly pass at $120 is still very cheap, considering I don't have to have a car and pay for gas, upkeep, and insurance. But come on, people. You are killing me. And you are killing 3 million other people. Stop it. Just stop it, because I love this city, and I refuse to be pushed out because of a rediculous thing like taxes for crying out loud.

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give'em hell Abe buddy!