Saturday, January 2, 2010

A male who does cosmetics?

Oh, how I love my new job in Philosophy cosmetics at Macy's. It's totally different from the Men's Department on 8. No more fitting room clean up, no more putting away piles and piles of new clothes on the cash wrap every morning. No more folding all day long. Not that I minded that at all. It is a job, after all. Cosmetics is much more relaxed. I can wear a sweater vest and shirt/tie combo, as long as the outside is black. It's a good thing I'm a neat freak, because our counter has to be spotless. The shelves have to be straightened and stocked every morning. And I have to print out our daily report every morning to see where we ended up, dollar-wise, yesterday. So there I am by my counter, saying, "Would you like to try our Amazing Grace fragrance today? It's amazing?" I also give facials with our oxygen peel. While we wait for that to work, I do the microdelivery peel on one hand, and then compare it to the other, untreated hand, and everyone (including myself) is amazed at the difference it makes when you remove all of the dead skin. And then I do makeup. It's very intimate, up-close relationship with this person who is a stranger. But I really enjoy it.

As counter manager I have to plan at least two events per month. We are calling it "Amazing Grace Sundays." We have to build up a clientele list so we can call people and let them know our event is coming up, with free samples, and a demonstration. And I have to do the books every night. Comparing todays sales with last year on the same date, calculating tomorrow's goal, and determining the days items per transaction (IPT).

And I can't go in on my days off like I could in Men's, which was commission only, since this is hourly pay plus commission. No overtime.

So all in all, I do love it. It's a challenge, and I live off of challenges both personally and professionally. They keep me going. What are your challenges in life and career?




Subway Gal said...

That sounds exhausting! Who knew the counter people had such responsibilities? Glad you're loving the job, and when you come to NY, I want a free facial!! ;)

Red from Ktown said...

The job sounds like fun!! It's great that you have the confidence, because it seems you're right at home there!! Great job.