Monday, January 11, 2010

Union Business Solutions is a JOKE

A public service announcement. Do not ever look for jobs on craigslist. Every single job I got on Craigslist has yet to pay me. And these were over the summer of 09.

Craigslist Strike #1
The first one was a high school job in June 2009. The job I got was to be administrative assistant for $100 a day. Great, I thought! I was hired on the spot after my second interview. So I worked all day. Doing some creative design work, some spreadsheet work, and some typing. I finished everything really fast. At the end of the day everyone left, so I left too. An hour and a half and 3 trains to get home. No one told me what time to show up the next morning. So I showed up at 8AM. And I sat there. And sat there. And sat there. Thank god it was nice and sunny. Finally the Dean (who interviewed me) showed up and says to me, "oh we don't need you today, the principal is out today." Disappointed that I had wasted my morning traveling here to turn around and head back home, I thanked him and left. The next morning I showed up again, at 8AM. Once more the Dean showed up and said I would not be needed. Stunned, I just left. Later on, after thinking this whole thing through I decided to call the school and find out when the need me and what time I'm supposed to show up. Two key pieces of information that, one would think, would be the first things out of their mouth when I was hired.

So I called, and spoke with a teacher (who I had never met). With some aggravated tone to my voice I described the situation to her, and said that I need to be told when to show up to work. To this she replied, "Oh, we won't be needing you anymore." "EVER?" I yelled back. "Nope." She said, and hung up the phone.

Well son-of-a-bitch. I was just fired over the phone by someone I don't even know, and barely started work with. So I called the Dean and left a message that I don't know what happened but I expect to be paid for the one day I did work. I have seen nothing, and this was 6 months ago. I have contacted him 3 times since them to try and collect my money.

Craigslist strike #2
This one I actually did get paid for. It was a nighttime call center position in which I was placed by a placement agency. One day they just called me and asked me not to come back. No explaination at all. I believe it's because the manager did not like me because I don't let people walk all over me. We were in training for a few weeks, and we would literally be sitting there for an hour and a half every night without starting anything. That's a major waste of time. When I brought this up to her, she flew off the handle at me. I told her it was a waste of time, and she wouldn't listen.

Craigslist strike #3
This was another one where I was hired on the spot, with the important sounding title of "Vice President of Marketing" for Union Business Solutions. That should have been the first giveaway that this guy was a joke and taking all of us for a ride. Basically we were doing cold calling trying to set up appointments with our businessmen to close loans, or "deals" as Thomas Brooks called them. I signed a letter that I would be paid $3000 a month if I did my job. And I did my job. To a T. After a week we were told that in one year we would all be millionaires. Um, yeah, right. That was the second giveaway that this guy is blowing smoke. Then he told us that if we didn't close the "deals" none of us would be paid. WHAAAAAAT'S that you say? So my team met for coffee to brainstorm. Everyone was aggrivated, upset that we had been taken by this guy and had wasted 2 weeks working for him. So the five of use decided to resign. Immediately. My resignation was in the form of an email with the entire group copied on it. The next day Thomas Brooks (President of Union Business Solutions - yeah right) called me and yelled at me for being unprofessional and sending an email to everyone regarding my immediate resignation. Why couldn't I come in and talk it over in person? Excuse me? This is almost 2010, sir, and I think it's only professional. All I could think to say was, "I'm sorry, but I can't think of wasting any more of my time with you." And I hung up the phone. So I never got paid for my 2 weeks on the job. And I never got reimbursed for my business cards I paid for (which he said he'd happily reimburse me for). At least we all got some good excercise running around the city all day, hauling papers and files, and business cards! And everytime I walk by this guys building above Union Station, I flip him a nice bird. Just to make myself feel better. I have done some research on Thomas Brooks, and found that he has called his company by three different names in the past 5 years. And everyone knows he's a scam. Should have done that all first and saved myself some heartache.

So there you go. Three jobs from Craigslist and three disasters.
Bottom line: Thomas Brooks of Union Business Solutions is a scam artist and should be ashamed! Do not give this man the time of day!

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Abe said...

Update: Today I called Thomas Brooks of Union Business Solutions to just hear him pick up and hang up the phone on him. The number has been disconnected. So apparently he has moved on to another company name YET again.