Monday, March 29, 2010

I don't want to be senile

Yesterday at work, I clocked out for lunch. I was starving, so I rushed to the elevator to get upstairs to the break room. Waiting to get on were three ladies: one walking, and one pushing a lady in a wheelchair. She looked like a sweet old lady, probably around 80 years old. She would change my mind very fast.

The doors opened, and she yelled, "Get me moving!"
The lady just smiled at me and pushed.
When the elevator started moving, she screamed, "Get your damn hands off of me!" It was so loud, I jumped. The lady pushing just smiled, but didn't respond.
"I said, get your damn hands off of me, and get me out of this god damned store! Shit, I told you I want to go home!" she squauked like an old crow.
Then she reached around and started slapping the lady's wrists who was pushing her. I never saw an old lady be able to move so freely! And the lady pushing was still smiling.

Then the door opened on 4 and they got off, with the poor old lady cursing, and swearing, and screaming at the top of her voice all the way out.

And it really got me thinking: I never want to be senile (really, who does?). I'm ok with getting old and grey, but I just don't want to go insane! People will stare, people will smirk, and for all of the wrong reasons. I felt bad that this lady was dragged out of the house and so unhappy with the way her day was going. I'm sure it's good for her to get out, but, Christ, take the poor lady home!

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Subway Gal said...

That poor woman pushing around that old bat! You probably need nerves of steel for that job. I would have pushed the old lady in the elevator and then left the building :)