Friday, December 26, 2008

Ice cream?

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! I had a wonderful time in the suburbs with my parents and sisters. Since I take the Metra train (commuter rail) to their house, it's always some good "zone out" time when I take the hour and a half ride to or from the 'burbs. However, this evening when I was headed back, this weird, fidgety man sat right across from me. Since the entire car was nearly empty, I found it curious that he sat so close to me. Anyway, he was making a lot of quick movements and making me very nervous, despite my glaring at him. Then, he started taking all of these balled up newspapers from his tote bag and taking them one by one to the trash can at the other end of the car. Weird, I thought. But it got weirder. He then proceeded to remove a huge telephone box from his tote bag. Not a cell phone, but a huge desk-type phone, like I have on my desk at my office. It had lots of fancy buttons along the side, and lights, but he was looking at it like he'd just seen Jesus Christ walking down the street. Weird, I thought, again. Finally, he took out an ice cream covered with chocolate on a stick and began eating that. In fact, he ate about 4 of these ice cream treats on the entire ride. He didn't bother to throw away the sticks, like he'd been so careful about throwing away the newspapers. Instead, he made sure that they were completely cleaned off, and put them in his tote bag. Very weird. To top it all off, he then removed a huge 2-liter of pop and was just drinking (pardon me, gulping) it out of the bottle.

Why was he saving the popsicle sticks? Some sort of art project, perhaps? Kindling for a fire? We can only speculate. It certainly made for an interesting, and blog-worthy trip back to the city though!

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Red from Ktown said...

I take the Metra religiously and have never seen such weird dudes as you seem to attract on the El, the train, etc.....sorry about that! He seems to be in a world of his own. I agree....popsicle art all the way!