Sunday, February 8, 2009

My first bit of hatemail

You may all remember the above picture from awhile back when I made the post about moustaches. Well, the other day, T.M.B. made a comment on the post: "Hey that guy in the pic happens to be the coolest history teacher in the world. So how bout u give him a brake if u actually met him an seen his personality u would know that it fits him." I want to encourage anyone and everyone to leave comments on here...good OR bad. Believe me, I can handle it. But this one in particular made me a little confused, so I thought I'd set the record straight.

1.) This is MY blog, so I can and will write about whatever and whoever I want. Your encouraging me to give someone a break will have no effect whatsoever.

2.) If you read the post in question, at no time do I even reference the picture. So your telling me to give him a "brake" is to no avail.

3.) Break is spelled "break." Third grade spelling.

4.) "And" has a 'd' at the end.

5.) I have no problems with the guy in the pic. He just happened to be on Google at the right time when I was looking for an image with some crazy facial hair. Get over it!

6.) And the final point I want to make. If he is indeed your teacher. TELL HIM TO SHAVE!


Emily said...

Hatemail or not....mail is mail. I think you are becoming famous. I can use the line 'I knew you when'.

Subway Gal said...

You go, Abe! But I can do you one better. I got a comment on one of my posts about being sick that said, "forget being sick, just die." Harsh, but it's what happens when you're a celeb like us ;)

Red from Ktown said...

Freaking fabulous humor. I HATE bad spellers! I could do a whole book just on the wrong uses of 'there and their', 'then and than'....etc.

You're right. It's your damn blog, and it's surely damn funny! Keep em coming!

Jen said...

My thoughts exactly! What a penis hole this guy is.