Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Since I've been unemployed, I've been watching way more TV than I ever have. And I'm noticing that commercials are really horrible and played way too many times. Here are a few examples of ones that I loathe:

Safe Auto
Oh my God this one is so annoying. "1-800-Safe Auto...." Seriously, we know! That damn jingle is in the head of everyone in Chicago. We don't need you to play it everytime you go to commercial!

McDonald's Filet of Fish
Seriously, this one is the worst. "Give me back that little fish. Give me that fish." I find my self singing the stupid jingle in my head more times than I ever care to admit.

White Castle
First of all: gross. I think White Castle is the most disgusting place. It stinks in there, and looks like way more grease than I'd ever like to ingest. But the commercial where people are being followed by a White Castle bag is just creepy. I shudder whenever that one comes on.

Peter Francis Geraci

This one is so freaking annoying, I can't stand it. Peter has probably the most annoying, monotone voice I have ever heard. How is he in sales? Why isn't he sitting behind his desk and letting someone more personable do the commercials? We will never know.

The girl on these commercials is so peppy, I can't stand it. And the guys are such dorks! I mean I know they want to get people's attention, but come on. That's just annoying.

What commercials do you find rediculous and annoying?


Subway Gal said...

I was just watching the McDonald's fish fillet sandwich commercial yesterday and remarking to my boyfriend that the thought of ordering fish from McD's was NASTY because god only knows what it really is, because I don't think it's fish . . .

Jenn Sutherland said...

OMG, I curse the ads on BBC America...the "Bosley Hair Replacement Method" - AAaaargh! I hate that one.

But if you get BBC America, you should tune in to "How Clean is Your House?" and "You Are What you Eat" weekday mornings - you'll feel SO much better about's a good self-esteem builder.

And then of course, there's the great Top Gear on Monday Nights, which is another most excellent show.

Just mute those BBC commercials. :)