Friday, June 12, 2009

Beautiful Sunny Morning

If you've ever wondered what Chicago looks like on a beautiful sunny morning, here's your chance. I was out early this morning to run some errands, and it was about 60 and very sunny. Quite a difference from yesterday's 50 and cold cold rain.

Beautiful and very pricey River North

Had to get one of me on the train :)

Here's Granville Ave at the lake. You can ALMOST see the blue water!

Here's a shot of Edgewater with the train going by

This is Edgewater Beach, really pretty neighborhood next to mine. The asshole in the building to the right yelled at me when I went to go take a picture of the skyline. "This is private property, no taking pictures!" He screamed. "That's
a real shame," I said. What I really wanted to say was, "You sure get off on telling people what to do you prick. Plus he was pasty white and fat. I doubt anyone liked him in school. It must stink to be made fun of all the time.
Wow, I sure feel better now!

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