Friday, June 19, 2009

Tell someone how you feel

I want you all to know how fantastic it feels to tell someone exactly how you feel about them. I've been a lot better about this lately. Last night I was out having some cocktails on Halsted, when the cutest, most adorable, and handsome man came walking towards me. It was like a romance movie. I grabbed his arm and whispered in his ear, "You are absolutely adorable. Has anyone told you that?" A few words later he had my phone number. When I got home, he had texted me and asked if I made it home alright. So nice!

Earlier in the evening, I was at another club where this HUGE muscle guy was walking towards me. When he passed me I said, "Damn those arms are HUGE! I can't believe it!" He just kept walking, so I guess he wasn't having anything to do with me. But that's ok. At least I was honest. Once again, telling people how you feel

Another example is when you absolutely can't stand someone. This isn't too common with me, but it sure feels good when it happens. Like in a store or restaurant when someone is acting like an idiot. The other thing I hate is when you are a customer somewhere (seems like it's usually the door guy at a bar), and you walk up, show them your I.D. and say, "Hey how are you doing?" And they don't answer. I normally say, "Does that mean things are good?" They usually catch themselves in this asshole move, but it feels really good. How about you guys? I'm sure Subway Gal has told people how she feels at some point =)

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Subway Gal said...

HAHAH you know me too well, Abe. I've told many a people how I feel, whether they care or not, and it feels sooooooo good! Except when it ends up in a war of words with me pulling out my mace, ready to attack . . .