Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My wonderful neighborhood

Please allow me to brag and boast for a moment. My neighborhood is the BEST damn neighborhood in Chicago. I freaking love it for several very important reasons. First of all, there is an amazing amount of diversity here in Rogers Park/Edgewater. In fact, there are over 50 languages spoken in Rogers Park schools. Christ, I can't even THINK of that many. This neighborhood is one of the most diverse ones in the entire world. Uptown is another far north side Chicago neighborhood which is very diverse. It's really quite fascinating. Another reason I love it here is the fact that there are some fabulous restaurants here. Uncommon Ground, Morseland Cafe, Heartland Cafe, Everyday Thai are just a few of these. There is a huge Indian area further down Devon at Western. I'm not a fan of Indian food myself, but I hear that the restaurants are fabulous. But DO NOT try to drive through here during the day. It's absolutely wild with people in saris running through the street, and delivery trucks pulling out in front of you and horns beeping. It's pure craziness. There are also some fantastic bars and clubs up here on the far north side. Both gay and straight ones, which I think is great because you don't have to live in Boystown to be gay. Some people don't realize that. Just like you don't have to live in Hell's Kitchen or Chelsea to be gay in Manhattan. Everyone lives in harmony! Rogers Park has a great little bodega (as I call it) grocery store type place called Devon Market. It's 2 blocks from my place and it's so great. Awesome produce section, wonderful deli, and it's SO CHEAP! You never stand in line for more than 5 minnutes. They really whip you through the cashier line.
Rogers Park/Edgewater is RIGHT next to the lake. I'm freaking 5 blocks from the lake. It's windy in the wintertime, but being here in the summer makes it all worth it. The high rises along the lakefront are absolutely beautiful, and Hollywood Beach (my favorite beach in Chicago; the gay beach) is 10 blocks from my place.
My neighborhood is so quiet too. Tree lined streets framing the beautiful mid-rise and 3 flat apartment buildings make a walk from the subway at Loyola Avenue nice and shady in the heat of summer.
It's a little rough around the edges up here, which I think makes it interesting. There is a little bit of gang activity, but you find that in any big city in the U.S. There was also a shooting in an alley a few years back, so I don't take the alleys at night (a little scary!)
I used to think it was way too far north for me when I moved here from Uptown, but I've gotten used to it. It's only about 25 minutes to the Loop, which is really perfect.
So think about visiting Rogers Park/Edgewater or even moving here. I guarantee you will grow to love it as I have.

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Scott said...

Ditto to everything except the gang stuff, which is a serious problem, not just something that adds an interesting edge.