Saturday, September 19, 2009

It feels kind of good to be mean

So my (old) roommate has really dropped the ball in the last month. Which is why I've decided that he needs to leave. Immediately. First, there were two occasions when I came home and all of the lights in the apartment were on. WTF, I'm thinking?? Is he a 3 year old where I need to say, "Come on, honey, turn out the lights!" And he doesn't even pay utility bills. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me, but I figure that I'm here anyway, so I might as well pay them. On another occasion I went into the kitchen in the morning and there was ketchup and mustard spilled on the floor in front of the trash. Jesus, take out the trash if nothing else will fit. If you don't know where the dumpsters are ASK someone. Then, he was 2 weeks late on paying me HALF of September rent. He said I would have it Tuesday. Tuesday rolled around, and nothing. Then he said I'd have it Saturday. Saturday rolled around, and nothing. This morning I went into his room and on his shelf, I see a bottle of medication with who's name on it? MINE. This is the second time he's taken medication of MINE. Then he took my boyfriend's deodorant. Who steals deodorant?! Get your own for chrissakes. These all seem like minor offenses when alone, but added up they broke my (the camel's) back. So this morning I changed the locks on my front and back doors. Four deadbolts, two doors. All done. This evening I'm going to visit him at work and ask him to come to MY place to talk to him. I don't want to get into it with him in public because I will most certainly create a scene. So tomorrow, hopefully, he will be moving out, and I'll have my second bedroom back as an office again.


Subway Gal said...

OMG I would have smothered this man in his sleep long ago if I were you. He sounds awful! Sooo, how did it go?? Is he moved out?

abepkelly said...

Moved my desk back in the room, took his nice wood shelf for use in my living room, and threw all his stuff in the storage unit downstairs. Now I just have to think of how to get rid of that ugly ass painting of a palm tree...WTF?