Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My new job at Macy's Watertower Place!

I can't explain how nice it is to be working again. I'm back full time, keeping busy and making some money besides collecting unemployment. I mean, over the summer I was so damn bored. The first month it was kind of fun. Then I got sick and was in the hospital in April, which was no fun whatsoever. By the time I was recovered, which took another month or so, I was so sick of sitting around on Facebook doing nothing. I was sleeping pretty poorly because I was sitting around all day not wearing myself out. You can only go to the beach and go window shopping so much before you start to go crazy. And I mean crazy. Literally out of my mind. I watched all of my movies....twice. And I have a ton of movies.
After working a few temp jobs, and working another one that was a freaking joke, I started looking again. And then I found Macy's. I spoke to a friend of mine who works in jewelry at the State Street store, and I asked her if I could put her in as a referral in my cover letter. Rita did the trick. Then they asked me in for an interview. I was so excited when they hired me on the spot. I couldn't believe it! I could have skipped to the subway after I left. The next two days I began training on the register, learning all about the store, taking a tour of all 8 floors, et cetera.
Then I began work. My first day on the job I met and exceeded my sales goal by 230%. I was excited again! The people I work with are all so nice and helpful. And you hear all sorts of accents and languages spoken in the store. After all this is Chicago. Quite proven to be the melting pot of the midwest when you shop at Macy's. So I'm slowly (or quickly) learning what it's like to make some great money again. And it feels so good to be wanted, needed, and useful again.
That and I've got Joe, which makes my life better than ever. I own my life. I love my life, I love my friends, I love my boyfriend, and I love, love, love my new job at Macy's Watertower place. So come and see me at work!! Eighth floor, Men's Collections Department. And buy something from me, will you?

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