Thursday, December 3, 2009

Gay Marriage

That's right, folks, I said it. Gay marriage. It should be legal. Who cares who you love? You should be able to be wed and live happily ever after, right? Wrong, according to most states, including Illinois. Even the cornfields of Iowa have it right. In the middle of nowhere, they have the right idea. But not here in the melting pot that is Chicago. One of the largest cities in the country with the largest gay population in the country. Now I know that the rest of the state may not agree, and we are discussing a state issue here, not a city one. But come ON people!

Joe and I have discussed this at length. We can have a ceremony here in Chicago by a company that specifically caters and does ceremonies for gay couples. But it just doesn't seem the same, because in the eyes of the government, it will never have happened.

And who has the money to just fly to another state, have the wedding ceremony done, and then fly home with your rings on, but it's not really ok to be wed at home? It seems very strange. I think this should be a federal law, not a state law. There are gay couples living happy lives all over the place. Probably right next door to you (gasp!) They are just not living in happy wedded bliss, with the exception of a very few states.

So, hopefully, in time, this will become legal in all areas of the country, so that happy gay couples can be wed just like anyone else (because we are all the same people, gasp again!!) We just happen to love the same gender. It doesn't mean something is wrong with us, it doesn't mean we were brought up poorly, it doesn't mean a damn thing other than who we love. And I hope everyone remembers that!!


Subway Gal said...

AMEN, Abe! Keep fighting the good fight! :)

Christofer Nyman said...

Libertarian Party is best support gay marriage but sorry ONLY 4% of american support Libertarian Party.
Obama and Democrati is much better support gay marriage than republikan.
Libertarian Party support freedom marriage exempel legal many marriage, incest marriage, gay marriage and more... Curse of are Libertarian Party best support freedom for USA. Ayn Rand support Libertarian Party and Laissez Faire Capitalist.

YES for Capitalism and freedom and gay marriage and freedom marriage.