Saturday, December 12, 2009

Secret secret, I got a secret

Did you ever want to tell everyone something so badly it hurts? But the time just isn't right yet? God, I hate this!! DAMN! I hate secrets. I hate keeping them (although I am not a gossip queen, and I don't tell other's secrets). And I hate having secrets kept from me. People are constantly talking about other associates at work, and it drives me crazy! Nosing up in everyone's business about who got fired, and why. What manager told someone, and why they said it. And who was late getting to work today, and why they were late, and what time they are going to lunch. I just smile and nod when people tell me things. I don't blab my mouth off, and I wish people would find someone elses ear to listen to their gossip.
But alas, I'm getting off subject here. So behold, the secret will be told, when the time is right. You will all know my business, because it's great news, if this works out like I hoped.
What is it?
Am I starting my own business?
Are Joe and I to be married? (one day)
Am I moving to a new apartment?
Am I getting a car?
Do I have the swine flu? (no)
Am I starting a Spanish tutoring school?
Time will tell....

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