Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Oh how I love you Chicago

If I could marry a city, it would be Chicago. And I might have an affair with New York City, but Chicago would be my baby.
The picture above, taken by my good friend, Azza, is the perfect example of why I love this city. It's pure and utter chaos. For some odd reason, this mass crowd of people exhilarates me. It energizes me and makes me smile from ear to ear. It's the lights, the skyscrapers, the traffic, the people all over the place. Now it's not for everyone. Most of my immediate family hates this kind of chaos. They hate crowds, hate waiting in lines, hate the traffic, hate the business. That's why they live in the suburbs and in the north woods of Michigan. But I got the gene that makes me love it. It must be the New York in me.

Unfortunately this year during the lights festival on Michigan Ave. (pictured above), I had to work, so I missed it for the first year in quite awhile. But I can live vicariously through other's pictures, apparently. It's beautiful, and it makes my heart flutter with excitement. Literally. This reminds me of the Chicagobama post I wrote last fall. Craziness. So what do you all like about your own cities, and about Chicago? What are your favorite things?

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Subway Gal said...

I despise the crowds and slow walkers and all the craziness, yet I live and work in the heart of it in NYC . . . go figure!